Welcome to Io Data

Io Data is a market research company who enables people and businesses to define their positions in the market and create success by capitalizing on our innovative research. Since 1994, Io Data has provided its clients with actionable data regarding their market environment; tailored specifically to client and project specifications.

Based in beautiful Salt Lake City, our in-house expertise includes focus group studies and recruiting, survey development, branding, customer satisfaction research, and tracking programs.

Whether you need qualitative or quantitative insights, Io Data is uniquely positioned to provide your organization with cost-effective information solutions.

New Focus Group Facility

Io Data is proud to announce the opening of the most beautiful and functional focus group facility in Salt Lake City, UT.

Our new location is close to downtown Salt Lake City, UT in a century-old bungalow, designed in the Arts & Crafts architectural traditon, included on the Utah State Registry of Historic Buildings, and painstakingly remodeled to enhance its grand tradition and history.

Some of the features you will find in our focus group facility include:

  • Two unique and spacious focus group rooms
  • Observation room
  • Client lounge
  • State-of-the-Art Audio/Visual; Closed-Circuit Viewing in Observation and Lounge
  • Io Data Live - Streaming Video
  • LED televisions/monitors
  • Exclusive client parking - just behind the building with a private entrance
  • Convenient street parking for particpants
  • Free Parking

Join the Conversation

If you are interested in participating in focus groups or other research, click here to join our list!

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