Brand / Ad Tracking

Market competition often means that opinions, directions and behaviors can change rapidly-and the providers that keep up with these changes gain a competitive advantage. Tracking programs vary from the branding/positioning studies in being generally smaller and more focused and allow companies to see the shifts and trends in whatever areas they decide to track, anything from brands to customer satisfaction to advertising techniques.

Advantages of Tracking

  • Learn to anticipate and capitalize on market fluctuations in different contexts (e.g., holidays, seasons, special events, etc.)
  • Detect the inroads being made by competitors and their effects on the market
  • Spot trends while you can still do something about them
  • Profile a "consistent customer" demographic
  • Test projects preliminarily (the latest media, pricing, in-store promotion or distribution strategy) for measurement in several market segments.
  • Track how your company is evolving over time, reorienting when necessary

Io Data Corporation can customize a tracking program that best fits your company's goals and objectives, using the content, interval, and methodology designed to achieve optimum results you can trust and act upon.