Branding / Positioning

Companies without a clear perception of their position in the market have little hope of gauging progress or reaching a desired goal or destination. Branding and positioning are two of the most common types of market research that study consumers in an effort to create a point of reference for a brand, a company name, etc. Io Data Corporation is set up to study a broad range of variables, both quantitative and qualitative, to create comprehensive, customized branding reports.

Our reports have been instrumental in helping companies get oriented and establish direction. Io Data Branding/Positioning Reports enable companies to:

  • Define the company's reputation, image, and position within the market

  • Set realistic, attainable goals toward achieving your company's vision

  • Formulate strategic marketing and growth plans for the future

Additionally, Io Data offers periodic brand tracking programs so that you can follow your company's progress at any interval. To learn more about our Brand Tracker programs, click here.