Community Research

Establishing a presence in the community and marketing a country club to meet the needs of that community can be difficult tasks. Maintaining a club reputation can be even more challenging. Community Research helps managers effectively map out the future. Io Data Corporation can provide you with the information needed for decision making, often a more unbiased and cost-effective solution than performing the research in-house.

There are several benefits for clubs in performing community surveys:

  • Clubs gain community support.
  • Clubs hear the voice of the community ~ collectively and specific comments.
  • Community surveys provide useful information about the demographics of potential members.
  • Community surveys help management effectively market the club to fit the demographic.
  • Community surveys gauge community interest in club's current and potential offerings.
  • Community surveys help management make decisions to optimize the public's perception of the club.
  • Community surveys provide information to develop a meaningful strategic plan for the club's future.

Please review the sample report and specification sheet to get a better idea of what Io Data Corporation can do for your club. Rates and formatting may vary according to club needs.