Membership Research

Since 1996, Io Data Corporation has provided club managers with realistic, unbiased data to help them manage successfully. Io offers a variety of research products designed specifically for clubs, including member surveys and community surveys. Please review the sample and specification sheets below explaining each type of project in detail.

So why do Research?

Member Research

Member research provides all the necessary information for club management and the Board to formulate a meaningful strategic plan for the club’s future. A strategic plan establishes continuity and direction for clubs, helping smooth the challenging issues they undoubtedly face. Member research is particularly beneficial after clubs make large improvements in infrastructure (i.e. Clubhouse, Course Improvements). It is important to follow up with the members as to how the changes have met their needs, and what else might need to be done.

We suggest clubs perform a membership survey every three to five years for tracking purposes, or in cases of any extraordinary change or improvement in club facilities and operations.

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