Competitor Research

Often, an assessment of competitors' positions can be as good as knowing your own position in the market. It helps you get a better concept of the environment in which your company operates. Io Data Corporation can get you the information you need to enhance your company's ability to compete. Our commitment to client confidentiality is proven.

The primary focus of competitor research is to answer two basic questions:

    1. What prevents my competitors' customers from being MY customers?

    2. Where can I best focus my efforts to become more competitive?

Io Data Corporation can analyze your unique situation by piecing together various aspects of your competitors' operations, both quantitative and qualitative:

  • Products/Service Pricing
  • Products/Services Offered
  • Effectiveness/Ineffectiveness of Advertising
  • Customer Demographics/Loyalty

Using this information, you can make educated decisions to improve your company's competitiveness in a variety of areas:

  • Learn how to maximize your market share while still maximizing profits.
  • Discover ways to improve your advertising techniques to reach "optimized effectiveness."
  • Adjust your company's prices/service options to improve upon your competitors' offerings.
  • Know how to capitalize on your competitors' weaknesses in the industry.