Customer Satisfaction Research

Among service-oriented companies, customer satisfaction can mean success or complete loss of reputation and business. A single, comprehensive customer service research report can tell you much about the performance of your company, about the customers' perceptions, about customer service strengths and weaknesses. A company can initialize significant, positive change through the information presented in one of Io Data Corporation's customer service reports.

Just like brand tracking, however, a singular report provides only enough analysis to become oriented. Consistent periodic research is needed to track the results and progress of changes made in customer service stategy. To meet this need, Io Data Corporation developed the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) program, designed to periodically measure our client's company's customer service and automatically report findings to our clients.

CSS involves a convergence of information into a superior customer satisfaction report. Our clients supply us with customer contact information which will then be used to retrieve feedback on a recent customer service encounter. After retrieving the feedback, Io Data Corporation then quantifies and compiles the data into a brief graphical customer satisfaction report. The report also includes verbatim feedback comments straight from the client's customers. Typically, the report will then be sent digitally to all necessary client management recipients for analysis and action.

These brief reports are typically processed on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, with comprehensive trend-mapping reports sent out both digitally and hard copy at longer intervals, perhaps monthly, quarterly or annually. These innovative, easy-to-interpret reports allow companies to get a broader picture of customer service from different angles, enabling management to take action in improving customer service. Io Data Corporation is flexible in creating a program catered to your needs, as well as your budget, with the ability to serve even the largest corporations with co-ops, franchises and multi-level management needs. Don't spend time guessing how to improve customer service - Io Data and CSS will remove the guess work and help you know exactly what to focus on. Contact us today!

"Compared to customer response cards available in the lobby and secret shoppers, [the Customer Satisfaction Survey] gives us the best feedback available for measuring and managing our business." – Jeff O’Neill, Owner, JKJ Enterprises L.L.C.