Data Mining

What is data mining?

Data mining involves culling through large amounts of data, typically in the form of databases, to extract patterns, relationships, associations or trends. These findings can then be used to predict (and capitalize on) future probable occurrences.

Examples of data mining capabilities

Netflix mines its video rental history database to recommend rentals to individual customers. American Express can suggest products to its cardholders based on analysis of their monthly expenditures.

WalMart is pioneering massive data mining to transform its supplier relationships. WalMart captures point-of-sale transactions from over 2,900 stores in 6 countries and continuously transmits this data to its massive 7.5 terabyte Teradata data warehouse. WalMart allows more than 3,500 suppliers, to access data on their products and perform data analyses. These suppliers use this data to identify customer buying patterns at the store display level. They use this information to manage local store inventory and identify new merchandising opportunities. In 1995, WalMart computers processed over 1 million complex data queries

What can Io Data do for you?

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