Employee Satisfaction

Employee retention is essential to maintaining an efficient, productive business. Particularly, if skilled professionals are frequently leaving their jobs, the high turnover can be both a financial and operational risk to the business due to lost skills and knowledge. Io Data Corporation's innovative employee satisfaction research can help your company pinpoint the most realistic and affordable ways to optimize your employee satisfaction and retention. Employee satisfaction research will help you create more than just "happy workers":

Io Data's unique database management system allows us to generate reports including facts, trends, graphs, etc. much more easily than most companies. We create customized databases and tracking programs for businesses who want to follow sales and performance in reliable, consistent, comparable ways.

What can we create together?

Our projects are customized and priced by the size and complexity of the reports. A simple program may include a monthly report that plots Company A's weekly sales trends. Then, what if Company A wants to add a weekly program to track daily sales? What if Company A then decides it wants to track daily and weekly trends in the sales of particular products? Imagine some of the other things Company A could request in a tracking program:

  • Retention - Work satisfaction decreases employee turnover.
  • Loyalty - Satisfaction creates a desire to contribute to company success.
  • Efficiency - Low turnover yields high work efficiency.
  • Reputation - Satisfied employees are more likely to refer others to work for the company. Satisfaction also contributes to the company's image on the outside.
  • Profits - Satisfied employees are more likely to refer others to company products/services. As a company's reputation builds, so do its earnings.

Increase Employee Satisfaction → Decrease Turnover → Increase Productivity → Build Industry Reputation → Build Customer Reputation → Increase Sales

Let your employees know of your concern for their concerns. Let Io Data help.