Sales / Performance Tracking

Accountability has a way of helping people reach their potential. Unfortunately, many companies rely merely on monthly or quarterly numbers to track sales or performance. Anything more frequent just isn't cost effective for most companies. Luckily, Io Data Corporation can help bring the power of performance tracking to your company much more easily than you having to generate your own reports.

Io Data's unique database management system allows us to generate reports including facts, trends, graphs, etc. much more easily than most companies. We create customized databases and tracking programs for businesses who want to follow sales and performance in reliable, consistent, comparable ways.

What can we create together?

Our projects are customized and priced by the size and complexity of the reports. A simple program may include a monthly report that plots Company A's weekly sales trends. Then, what if Company A wants to add a weekly program to track daily sales? What if Company A then decides it wants to track daily and weekly trends in the sales of particular products? Imagine some of the other things Company A could request in a tracking program:

    - Company A adopts a rewards program and needs to track performance of individual salespersons

    - Company A expands to multiple locations and wants to compare the performance at each

    - Company A turns some locations into franchises, retaining others to complete corporate ownership, creating a complex hierarchy of ownership of general managers, franchisees, and district managers. Company A wants to provide comprehensive weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual performance reports in digital and hard copy form to all company leaders including detailed analyses of figures and trends for all regions, managers, stores, or salespersons under their jurisdiction. Additionally, the reports must include not only sales and performance measures, but also customer service scores and other quantifiable variables important to company ownership, allowing for easy interpretation of trends and comparisons using graphical charts, tables, etc.

Can Io Data Corporation deliver those kinds of results? Together, we can do this, and more!